Opatrunki dla zwierząt

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Elastic Fabric (mix of colours)Non-elastic Fabric (veterinary green)
XXS (19cm) pcsXXS (19cm) pcs
XS (22cm) pcsXS (22cm) pcs
S (28cm) pcsS (28cm) pcs
M (36cm) pcsM (36cm) pcs
M/L (40cm) pcsM/L (40cm) pcs
L (44cm) pcsL (44cm) pcs
XL (51cm) pcsXL (51cm) pcs
XXL (59cm) pcsXXL (59cm) pcs
XXXL (70cm) pcsXXXL (70cm) pcs
S1-XXL3 pcsS1-XXL3 pcs
S-XXL pcsS-XXL pcs


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In order to choose the right size of dressing:

Measure the distance between the center of the animal’s legs (please refer to the schema). If the result is midway between two sizes – choose bigger one to provide an animal better comfort and freedom of movement.

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